The seemingly limitless capabilities of 3D printing are limited by one major drawback. Once the hardware to print quality items has been sourced, companies still need access to talent that is capable of designing files for the printers to execute. ZVerse founders recognized this need and built a company that solves this gaping hole in the design to execution workflow. Their explanation for the inspiration behind the genesis of ZVerse gives some insight into how businesses will increase their reliance on 3D printing in the next few years as the category grows.

In 2018, the 3D printing industry is projected to surpass $1.4 billion in revenue domestically….

The excitement around 3D printing over the past five years is undeniable, and justifiably so. The world has been watching and waiting for the printing technology, the availability of materials like 3D ‘ink’, and the costs to be ready to deliver on promises made — and they are finally delivering. But, at the same time, we saw what no one else did. The problem is found in creating high-quality 3D printable files. Everyone else in the industry was focused on what to do after you have a printable file. Because we’ve been 3D printing for years, we knew that going from concept to a printable 3D file would be the choke point. Creating a 3D file is difficult, and the workflow is cumbersome. Even when you have a 3D file, it might not print depending on materials and machines. Nobody thought about how to manage and automate the workflow. Long before these amazing 3D printers can do their work, you need a way to manage very large files efficiently. Businesses need a way for a ton of collaboration to happen amongst customers, salespeople, designers, legal teams, product teams, finance teams, production managers, and 3D printer operators. We took initiative and built a platform to solve for this.

The race to be the best third party service to the 3D printing industry has begun and it will be interesting to see what suite of features will define the leaders in this category. ZVerse has already established themselves as a company to keep an eye on.

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Source: Forbes

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