55 tech companies went public in 2014. eWeek’s rundown shows how 9 of those companies are doing today. Considering the number of tech companies going public this year, it is worth noting if there are any relevant comparisons that could give an insight into the future for some of the new IPOs on the Street.

  • Five9 – a cloud contact center company saw their stock price increase by about 300% from $7.95 to $23.07 and saw revenue increase by almost 200%
  • GrubHub, the food delivery service saw a small increase in their stock price from $40 to $45.34 after a huge drop in January 2016. Revenues increased by over 350%
  • Zendesk saw its stock increase from $11.40 to $27.81 and a 144% increase in revenues
  • Arista’s stock nearly tripled from $55.25 to $156.66 and their revenues increased by 183%
  • GoPro struggle financially since its IPO, and stock prices have dropped from $28.65 at the time of its IPO to $7.84 by June 2017
  • Alibaba broke records when it IPO’d at a value of $21.8 billion at $92.70 per share, and has performed healthily since, with a current stock price of $139.47
  • Hubspot’s stock price doubled from $32.95 to $68.55 in the three years since its IPO, and revenue increased by 249%
  • LendingClub, a peer-to-peer lending company has struggled since its IPO, seeing its stock drop from an initial price of $24.75 down to %5.78 along with a 76% decrease in revenue. In an effort to turn things around, Lending Club removed CEO Renaud Laplanche and has brought on a few key hires including Steve Allocca from Paypal.
  • The Big Data Software Provider HortonWorks, which was predicted to do very well by analysts has fallen short of expectations, seeing a decrease in both stock price and revenue over the last few years. Their stock dropped from an initial price of of $24 down to $13.29.
  • New Relic, which monitors software performance, has been quite successful since its IPO growing from a price of $30.16 to $43.49 with a 44% increase in revenue.

The 2014 IPO class has been successful in various different sectors from GrubHub’s food ordering service to Zendesk’s customer support. This is a great confidence booster for investors looking to get involved with this year’s IPOs as the tech market is still proving to be quite strong.

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Source: eWeek

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