The newest entry into the Container as a Service (CaaS) game is SUSE, which released a new Linux based container platform in June. With this new platform, SUSE claims to offer businesses three advantages:

1. Reduced time to market
2. Increased operational efficiency
3. Improved application life-cycle management

“SUSE envisions several key use cases for its CaaS platform, including the enablement of DevOps and microservices implementations for faster and more automated application releases across different infrastructure,” said Jay Lyman, 451 Research’s principal analyst for Cloud Management and Containers in a statement. “Organizations interested in enterprise-grade security, reliability and scalability with containers are the ones most likely to be interested in the SUSE CaaS Platform.”

SUSE will need to prove to end users that its containers are superior to existing offerings form Docker, Amazon etc. to gain a significant piece of the container market. If they are able to deliver on their promises of speed to market, operational efficieny, and life-cycle management, it could mean great things for the company.

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Source: ZDNet

Joel Filipe

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