One of the struggles many IT departments have with cloud storage is properly allocating resources to ensure they are not over or under-subscribing to fit their storage needs. By applying AI to its storage management system, Pure Storage hopes to offer its clients a painless way to manage their data usage.

Matt Kixmoeller, vice president of products for Pure Storage, says thanks to advances in machine learning algorithms, IT organizations are about to witness a new era of self-driving storage. To accelerate that shift, Kixmoeller says, Pure Storage has developed Pure1 META, an artificial intelligence platform that Pure Storage is employing to collect telemetry data that it will use to allow customers to discover and predict performance and storage capacity issues.

At the same time, Kixmoeller says rapid adoption in the last year of AI applications across multiple vertical industries is increasing demand for high-capacity storage. AI applications typically need to be trained to identify patterns using massive amounts of data.

“The more data AI applications have access to, the better the outcome,” says Kixmoeller.

By using AI to make storage more efficient for its clients, Pure Storage is positioning itself to attract more clients who may have been hesitant to migrate to the cloud because of the overhead necessary to properly manage their data.

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Source: IT Business Edge


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