Nutanix has announced another partnership with Aviatrix to blend the connectivity between public and private cloud infrastructure.

As the world moves toward flexible and cost effective storage and operations, the usage of hybrid cloud is increasing. It enhances the flexibility of computing as it can be scaled up per clients’ demand. Thus, the augmented version of private and public cloud can easily handle increased workload.

…[Nutanix and Aviatrix’s] combined solution will provide enterprises a single pane for computing, storing and safe networking between hybrid cloud infrastructures, thereby making it easier for companies that use both private and public clouds.

With this partnership along with the recent partnership with Google, Nutanix is clearly attempting to extend its footprint to be able to serve more aspects of its clients’ businesses. Our most recent Spend Trajectory report shows that companies are steadily increasing their spend with Nutanix, and these new partnerships indicate the company will likely continue to see its adoption and spend rates rise.

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