During the first half of 2017, we hosted Sudeesh Nair, CEO of Nutanix at a Data-Curated event to discuss the future of hybrid-cloud solutions in enterprise. In June, Nutanix saw their stock price rise after announcing a partnership with Google to use the Alphabet company’s public cloud to integrate with Nutanix data centers. The Nutanix-Google partnership was a very strategic move by Nutanix, and wasn’t its only recent partnership.

The deal suggests San Jose, Calif.-based enterprise cloud company Nutanix has started to consider the public cloud as a viable infrastructure choice to expand from its on-premise hardware.

The first integration of Nutanix hardware and Google cloud software will start in the first quarter of 2018. Pricing is not yet available for Nutanix’s newly integrated hyper-converged infrastructure appliances.

The Nutanix-Google partnership puts Nutanix in a strong position relative to its competitors for offering hybrid solutions to its users.

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Source: The Street

Samuel Zeller

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