Nokia’s newest network chips released in June are now the fastest in the world. This latest release should position Nokia to gain business from tech companies looking to increase their network speeds and handle greater loads from data heavy applications like virtual reality and mobile communications.

Nokia’s new products, which grew out of its 15.6 billion-euro ($17.5 billion) 2016 acquisition of Alcatel and its IP network gear business, should help it win business from companies such as Facebook (FB.O), Google (GOOGL.O), Apple (AAPL.O) and Amazon (AMZN.O).

For these “web-scale” customers speed is everything and unlike Nokia’s traditional telecoms customers they are still increasing spending on network gear.

The routers are compatible with older products and will also serve Nokia’s existing customers who want speed but must still contend with legacy gear needed to run existing services.

Nokia’s new chips and routers are already being used by British telecoms companies that have anxiously been waiting for more speed and capacity in their network. Computing needs are increasing every day and Nokia stands to profit greatly from this ever-increasing need for speed and capacity.

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Source: Reuters

Randall Bruder

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