Among other things, its cloud business really revitalized Microsoft as an enterprise, but the company is clearly not trying to depend on the cloud only. Microsoft’s new projects are aiming to expand its reach well beyond the PC that it is most known for.

One of these is the effort to get Windows 10 running on ARM. Running Windows on ARM chips – the same chips used to run smartphones – means that Windows could start appearing on small, lighter, always-on devices. The first hardware is expected later this year.

Another project that could still show promise is Continuum, which allows a Window Phone device like the Elite X3 to dock with a keyboard and monitor and perform like a PC.

And finally there is Windows 10 S – a locked-down version of Windows 10 that aims to compete with Chromebooks on ease of use.

If Microsoft is successful with its new initiatives, its next big test will be to integrate them well enough that users are absorbed into its ecosystem similar to Apple, its biggest competitor. Executing this strategy successfully will mean a huge turnaround from the once dying tech giant.

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Source: ZDNet

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