One of the biggest benefits of cloud technology is its perceived efficiency. However, this efficiency is not a given in cloud solutions, and must be intentionally applied to ensure that companies are not unnecessarily overspending on cloud space that is being underutilized.

…the same kinds of server sprawl that plagued physical datacenters 15 years ago are now appearing in cloud deployments, too.

According to a recent survey from RightScale, 35 percent of cloud spending is wasted via VM instances that are over-provisioned and not optimized. The report found that most enterprises run their virtual instances 24/7, many VMs are running at less than 40 percent of CPU and memory capacity, and old backup snapshots and other unattached data repositories are clogging up cloud storage resources.

IT departments will need to be deliberate about the way they apply cloud solutions throughout their organizations. Vendors who are best able to handle this problem will have a leg up in the race to market dominance in the cloud computing space.

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Source: ZDNet
 Jon Tyson

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