Businesses know that at some point their unique needs and challenges will necessitate a shift from cookie cutter cloud services to more custom solutions. Handling this transition is not at all intuitive, and vendors could also benefit from making this process more streamlined in order to ensure they are matched with their best customers that are more likely to form a lasting relationship with their service(s). Inflect has capitalized on this need by creating a service that catalogues these more custom services and presents them to companies in an easily managed manner.

Once your company gets to the point where you decide to move out of the comforting safety of a public cloud like AWS and set up your own infrastructure, things get rather complicated. You have to choose a data center (or two) and your network and exchange providers, for example, and chances are your team isn’t fully up to speed on how to buy these kinds of infrastructure services.

Inflect, which is launching in preview today, wants to make this whole process easier. The San Francisco-based company is targeting the kind of company that grew up in the public cloud and now needs to move at least some of its services to a private cloud, either because that’s cheaper or because it has very specialized needs. “One-size-fits-all solutions don’t work for the lucky few,” Inflect COO Charles Stewart told me. “And when they hit this inflection point in their growth, they have this rude surprise.”

Traditionally, data and telco are bought manually. You have to sift through lots of information, verify it, and then go through a very traditional sales process. This can be a major drag on productivity for a company’s infrastructure team.

The idea behind Inflect is to offer these companies a single, neutral tool that allows them to find the right solutions for them and connect them with the right infrastructure providers.

As Inflect continues to grow and expand its influence and customer base, service providers will be incented to make their offerings clearer to customers, and customers will be able to make better choices for their businesses. This will eliminate a lot of the waste that comes with trying to repeatedly implement new services while looking for the best fit. Such a service could likely improve the entire landscape of nuanced cloud services as a function of its own existence.

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Source: Tech Crunch

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