IBM’s new Identity as a Service (IDaaS) promises to help enterprises manage identities of services and things they use to do business. IBM making IDaaS available through the cloud will help enterprises make their workflows more efficient by reducing friction when trying to sign into services from various locations.

Ravi Srinivasan, vice president of strategy and offering management for IBM Security, says because of the rise of microservices enabled by technologies such as Docker containers, the number of services and things that need to be managed across the extended enterprise is exploding. To make it simpler to unify the management of all those identities, Srinivasan says, IBM decided to make the identity management software it has developed over the years available as a cloud service based on a microservices architecture.

…Srinivasan says identity-as-a-service (IDaaS) provides the means for both users and applications to invoke single sign-on (SSO) capabilities through which they can securely access multiple applications and services regardless of where they reside.

…Most IT organizations are just now coming to terms with the scope of the extended enterprise. The challenge many of them will face is simply finding a way to keep track of which end user or application is trying to access which service across that extended enterprise. The first step in applying some rational thought to all that potential chaos is, of course, being able to identify all the users and services by name.

IDaaS will be a big boon to teams with members in various locations, cutting down on the hassle of combining security and access for team members.

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Source: IT Business Edge

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