Cloud Spectator is an independent consulting agency that recently released a comparative benchmarking survey that ranked top cloud service providers. Their report ranked Google Compute Engine as #1 for price-performance and block storage performance.

According to Cloud Spectator, “A lack of transparency in the public cloud IaaS marketplace for performance often leads to misinformation or false assumptions.” Indeed, RightScale estimates that up to 45% of cloud spending is wasted on resources that never end up being used — a serious hit to any company’s IT budget.

…Value, defined as the ratio of price and performance, varies by 2.4x across the compared IaaS providers, with Google achieving the highest CloudSpecs Score (see Methodology, below) among the four cloud IaaS providers. This is due to strong disk performance and the most inexpensive packaged pricing found in the study.

While Amazon and Microsoft clearly dominate the cloud computing sphere, Google’s growing dominance in the field in both performance and price will create healthy competition in the market and push Amazon and Microsoft to improve their own offerings even faster. Knowing the logistical challenges of switching to a new company, it will be interesting to monitor how Google can make its service attractive enough to convince businesses to make the switch.

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Source: Google Blog

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