In CIO magazine, Brian Hopkins of Forrester suggests that public cloud adoption has arguably been too slow for many enterprise companies, and if they want to keep up with their data needs, they have to quickly and efficiently develop and begin to execute a plan for moving to the public cloud.

Public cloud was the number one priority for big data in 2016. Why? Because firms are running into a cost wall as they scale out their one premise infrastructures. They want to go bigger and faster and on premise configurations, including the on-premise portion of hybrid, but can’t keep the pace. The consensus in the industry is that hybrid is the best most can do – I disagree. Firms should have a public-first policy and rely on hybrid or on premise as interim measures only when necessary.

In new research, I found a startling amount of evidence that led me this logical conclusion. Most importantly, some leading firms believe that their hard-won big data know-how in the public cloud is their new competitive advantage. They realize that they will be able to understand customers more deeply and adapt more quickly to accelerating customer expectations and ever-changing customer needs.

The necessity of moving to the public cloud may open up opportunity for third party services offering seamless cloud migration for enterprises that recognize the need to migrate but don’t have the ability to do so as quickly as possible.

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Source: CIO Magazine

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