Nearly 90% of all businesses employing cloud computing say that they are receiving some business value from their cloud usage. At the same time, many companies feel that the promises of cloud computing have not fully been realized, with the services being more expensive than expected. This opens up a big opportunity for cloud providers to capture a larger market share by improving their offerings to be the best value for IT professionals.

As enterprises deepen their commitment to private cloud deployments, CIOs increasingly can leverage self-service capabilities that give them more control over IT resource allocation and greater visibility regarding the cloud services in use across the enterprise. In addition, by partnering with a cloud vendor that offers price transparency through service catalogs that detail the costs of accessing various service classes and levels, CIOs gain confidence that their private cloud implementation is delivering the expected ROI.

Private cloud benefits are no longer an empty promise. CIOs now have the capabilities to deploy service-level catalogs with predictable pay-per-use frameworks that drive business value without breaking the budget – helping organizations to spend more time using the cloud and less time building it.

As providers continue to get more feedback and insight into the market they are creating, businesses will hopefully continue to see increased ROI from cloud computing. The rise of self-service models and pay-as-you-use pricing will benefit providers and subscribers, assuming they get the model right sooner rather than later.

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Source: CIO Magazine
Jeff Hendricks

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