How are legacy companies staying relevant when competing with agile startups? Atlassian knows that one answer to part of this puzzle is by adopting new technologies that make their own processes more nimble and efficient. This knowledge is the driver behind their new DevOps marketplace, and the new suite of data center offerings packaged specifically for enterprise companies.

“We absolutely know that enterprises need as much innovation as startups do today,” Bryan Rollins, head of Atlassian’s server business, said to ZDNet. “We’ve always tried to, in some ways, democratize collaboration to make it accessible to everyone, so it not only works for small organizations but it scales for enterprises.”

To that end, Atlassian’s data center product line is built to meet enterprise customers’ needs around high availability, performance at scale, flexibility, and control. The new Atlassian Stack “gives enterprises a standard platform they can roll out because obviously economies of scale is very important for them,” Rollins said.

Already, among Atlassian customers with more than 500 users, over half use at least three Atlassian tools. The Stack, consequently, “has been a natural progression of customers saying, ‘Hey, we want to adopt everything,'” Rollins said.

Atlassian’s SaaS offerings provide value to both enterprise companies looking for nimble solutions and startups needing flexible solutions positioned to grow with them. As cloud continues to grow, Atlassian seems to be in a strong position moving forward as long as they continue to meet their users’ needs.

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Source: ZDNet

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