As companies are putting a large emphasis on the importance of data driven decision in their marketing efforts, Artificial Intelligence will be a big aid to marketing departments looking to optimize their offerings.

AI removes the tedium and guesswork of running a marketing campaign, which includes creative, email, social media and more, by generating insights from haystacks of data. But the marketer still designs and runs the campaign. What I see is people and AI working together to be more efficient than either one alone.

Creativity aside, the beauty of AI is that even if marketers don’t have specialized IT skills, they can still act on high-level insights. For example, iteration cycles start to become much faster as AI kicks in, so I think of this process as a layer cake.

The first layer is a huge quantity of data that AI uses to figure out what to probe for insight. If you perform a large-scale data-driven experiment with a piece of content to test engagement (like A/B testing), you’re going to get a lot of data back. This is the second layer. AI can then process that information quickly, and the iteration cycle gets shorter. In the third layer, AI works through nuances in the data so that it’s not just A or B, but a mix of both. By the fourth layer, AI has optimized the system, working out inefficiencies, maximizing speed and providing a clearer picture of customer preference and behavior.

…As marketers work hard to get ever closer to the customer at every touch point, AI gives them the total view of what’s possible and what makes sense, reducing the friction to customer satisfaction even as their expectations are constantly rising.

As AI software continues to get smarter from its learnings, marketing will become a more curated experience for customers and marketing departments will become more efficient in labor costs as they are able to pass off most of their data analysis to machines.

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Source: Adweek

Adam Birkett

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