Australian startup OpenDNA is using Artificial Intelligence advertising to personalize down to the minutiae of customer behavior and preferences, with the hope of creating a much more efficient advertising process.

Founded in 2013, OpenDNA’s AI and machine learning system sits at the backend of mobile and web-based applications, analysing a customer’s interactions in real-time and automatically creating detailed psychographic user profiles.
…Shah explained that OpenDNA would know, for example, that an individual is enthusiastic about both sports and technology. It would know that the individual is especially interested in golf, prefers Tiger Woods over Phil Mickelson, and wants to purchase a pair of golf shoes. The system would also know that Tiger Woods is endorsed by Nike.

In this hypothetical scenario, when the individual visits a sportswear ecommerce site powered by OpenDNA, the list of recommended products that they would see would include Nike golf shoes with built-in sensors that maps the individual’s activity levels.

In the next few years, the AdTech industry will be increasingly disrupted by AI technology as companies develop more advanced ways to understand consumers using machine learning. The innovations in the AdTech industry will likely carry forward through various applications of Artificial Intelligence even outside of the advertising industry.

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Source: ZDNet

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